Who’s That Girl?

Shelby Marie is the writer, director, and star of the original web series “StandUp/BreakDown”

Oh, me?

Growing up (which I’m still doing plenty of), I loved to tell funny stories. Made up stories about strangers on the street, embarrassing recollections of my summer selling Dip and Dots™ at a water park, etc… As a young actor and playwright, I was obsessed with bottling the human story like a bolt of lightening and sharing these fractional moments of time to make people laugh.

And then TV did something crazy. It got good. Like REALLY good. Have you guys been watching it these days? It’s wild. The genre of the half-hour sitcom has been stretched to a vast number of sub-categories that reimagine the ways in which we make people laugh, cringe, and cry. The entire television industry has broken down barriers that separate drama, comedy, and the auteurial distinction of film and it is enormously exciting from both a consumer and insider’s perspective.

As an inspiring TV writer and critic, I started this blog as a place to organize my thoughts into one, coherent body of work rather than just screaming them to my roommates in our kitchen at 1am. Through spec scripts and original pilots of my own (hey check out my web series on YouTube), I hope to take you on an insightful and exciting journey through the current landscape of television’s newest golden era. Thanks for reading and please stay tuned next week.



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