Serality + Theme: “Parks and Recreation”

I know, I know, where tf have I been?! Quitting👏my👏awful👏 job👏! It’s crazy how stressful situations can just suck the fun and creativity out of your spirit and what’s the point of working your butt off to be too tired to talk about your favorite thing?! Anyway I just repeated that to myself a million times within a week period and here we are.

But enough about me already (I write in order to stop myself from typing more, I’m excited), let’s talk about “Parks and Recreation”- hereafter just “Parks and Rec” because I don’t trust anyone who says the full title. I will also accept “Tommy’s Place”.  Continue reading “Serality + Theme: “Parks and Recreation””


🎉 Fav Scene Friday 🎉: “Search Party” Street Fight

Welcome back to 🎉 Fav Scene Friday 🎉 where I spend a lot of time on a little clip that I can’t stop watching. This week I’m still freaking out over my new favorite show “Search Party”, specifically that scene in pilot where Dory screams at Drew to “shut the fuck up!” in the middle of a street. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check it out on the link below ∇∇∇

 (There was no clip of this scene, or really any scene, so I had to record it on my iPhone in a mini tripod and air drop it to my laptop. Why didn’t you just upload it to YouTube like a normal person? Well, I got really nervous that it would get reported and then the channel for my web series ((double parenthesis, still had to link it)) would be connected to an account that uploaded stolen content and then I was like okay I’ll just upload the file directly to the post- but then I didn’t have a premium subscription or $200 so I had to link it to my google drive. I still feel kind of bad but it’s in the name of TV science and I bought the entire season on iTunes so I could watch it without internet. You can watch it for free here.)

This link here for the video.

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Serality + Theme: “The Office”

To kick off my comparison companion, I thought I’d start with a show that I can probably quote every single second of- without the subtitles on. I really love “The Office”. It used to be right in that NBC comedy programming sweet spot where I could get home from soccer practice, take my dinner into the living room, and speak to no one for 2 hours straight. I genuinely shed some tears when I saw that Netflix would be pulling it in the fall. EXCEPT, I just googled that for a source and found out it ISN’T TRUE! So, with that emotional roller coaster out of the way, let’s talk about “The Office”. Continue reading “Serality + Theme: “The Office””

Serality and Theme: A Comparison Companion

As I delve into comparative television analysis (one of the single nerdiest clauses I’ve ever written), one of the most prominent decisions made in the writer’s room that has  emerged is the show runner’s choices on a series’ serality and how it affects the over-arching theme. My spell-check keeps telling me “serality” isn’t a word, so I guess I should start there; Continue reading “Serality and Theme: A Comparison Companion”

Excel Sheets Are For Nerds (“Search Party” and the Spec Script)

A logical analysis of creative craft.

If you’ve read my twitter bio (or any pithy cover letter I’ve ever sent), you may be familiar with my extreme passion for spreadsheets. As a technical newbie in the television industry, data collection and analysis has been my stand-in education for the mechanics of writing for TV. Starting as a playwright, one of the most glaringly stark challenges in transitioning from medium to medium was simply, format. Plays are easy. I mean, not to write but to build. They’re usually two acts. Sometimes they’re one. Sometimes they’re three, if you really want to get crazy. Conceptually, you can build structure to fit your own dramatic need; 20 quick vignettes, one agonizingly long tete-a-tete- the start of any theatrical analysis can grow out of the author’s choices to pace the storyline.

When making the switch to television writing, rather than molding the structure to story, you mold the story to structure. Between commercial breaks and an near-exact run time to nail, the author’s creativity factors in very differently. When writing a spec script, the question comes to not only draft a unique, eye-catching story that will get you a job, but also an understanding of the pre-existing standard that the writer’s room has already assembled. Much unlike playwriting, this team-effort influence over a single writer crafting a buy-in to the table adds a different set of demands to the planning stage of a script.

Below, I talk about my first experience with creating an outline for a spec script and explain the beginnings of my analysis of TBS’s amazing new mystery-comedy-satire (GOD, I love a hyphenated genre), “Search Party”, detailing what both the average and outlying pieces of data have to say about the creativity of writing a script.

Author Note: This post is primarily about the act structure of the first season, but I’ve got approximately 25 pages of raw data about this show (not to mention “Louie” “Girls” and “Broad City) that I will 100% be doing a wikileaks-style dump of in the future. But I want to make charts first.

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🎉 Fav Scene Friday 🎉: “Veep” and Jonah’s Meltdown

There’s a lot of brilliant stuff happening every week, but I thought I’d take some time each Friday to fill you guys in on the clips I watch over…and over…and over…and then send them to my friends. And then watch it again, but, like, this time imagining what they’re thinking while they’re watching it. Everyone does that right?

I’ll try my best to keep a mix of current and past seasons of running shows, but I had to start here, with my all-time favorite episode of “Veep”; Season 5, Episode 9.

(*Season 5 + 6 Spoilers Ahead*)

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What Am I Watching?

You found my first post! Way to go!

As we’re getting to know each other here, I thought it might be a good time to let you know a little bit about what I’m binging, rewatching, and discovering for the first time. As I build this blog and dive into the depths of television’s great, big-ole anthology, I hope to grow this list as large as I can. But for now, here’s what I’m currently obsessed with.

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